Child Support

Children are innocent victims of divorce and their care and well-being should be of primary concern when their parents go their separate ways. Child support laws are in place to make sure children of divorced parents are provided with the financial support they need. Child support orders are designed to be fair to both the parent entitled to receive support, as well as those obligated to provide financial payments, and always with the children’s best interests in mind.

Determining factors for child support settlement agreements include:

  • Incomes of parents
  • Ability to pay
  • Number and age of children
  • Children’s standard of living prior to divorce
  • Children’s care needs
  • Health insurance costs
  • Child care costs

Disagreements arise between the parents about the amount of child support to be paid. An experienced child support attorney at Elite Divorce Lawyer will fight for you to ensure the best possible outcome when the court awards child support.