Divorcing couples who are able to create a fair and reasonable agreement of separation and division on their own can avoid the financially and emotionally draining process of hiring individual divorce attorneys by handling their divorce through mediation. A qualified mediation attorney at Elite Divorce Lawyer can guide the parties collectively to assist in reaching a mutually accepted settlement to dissolve the marriage.

Mediation saves time, money, and the emotional expense of a long process which delays the end result of final separation. The settlement and distribution decisions are made by the divorcing parties without the weight and constraints of the litigation system. The mediator does not represent or offer specific legal advice to either spouse individually. The divorcing couple works with an Elite Divorce Lawyer professional mediator to diffuse tensions, creating a fair and amicable solution used to craft a collaborative written divorce agreement.

Mediation can help a divorcing couple to:

  • Move on with quicker, with less expense and stress.
  • Resolve disputes while creating a workable solution.
  • Keep their children away from a lengthy and painful litigation process.
  • End their marriage in an amicable and swift fashion.