Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements are contracts which inventory the assets and debts of both people getting married, and pre-determine the rights or obligations should the marriage dissolve or end in the death of one of them. This document is designed to protect the rights of each person entering into the marriage and addresses inheritance rights for children of previous marriages or relationships.

A respected prenuptial agreement attorney at Elite Divorce Lawyer can work to assure the agreement protects your rights, property, and children. Circumstances in which it is highly advisable to consider the creation of a prenuptial agreement include:

  • Previous marriage(s)
  • Children from prior relationship(s)
  • Business owner
  • Anticipated future inheritance
  • Trust recipient
  • One spouse with significantly greater assets than the other
  • One spouse has incurred a large amount of debt
  • Full and accurate financial disclosures must be provided and provisions must be made for the spouse with fewer assets.

An experienced Elite Divorce Lawyer can draft and negotiate on your behalf a prenuptial agreement that is in your best interest.