Medical Malpractice

Annually, between 44,000 and 98,000 people die in hospitals due to preventable medical mistakes. A survey of doctors and other individuals in the New England Journal of Medicine found that more than one-third of the doctors said that they or their family members had experienced medical errors; most of which resulted in serious health consequences. Medical mistakes often occur outside of hospitals at physicians’ offices and nursing homes. An in-depth interview with 53 family physicians revealed that 47% of the doctors recalled a case in which a patient died as a result of physician error.

It is critical to hire a Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer who understands complex medical issues and is able to effectively present them to a jury. An experienced Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer is able to skillfully litigate medical malpractice cases through trial, or to negotiate settlements out of court.

Medical malpractice lawsuits handled by the Law Offices of Robert W. Sink include a $4 million jury verdict for a woman who suffered major, chronic pain following a botched minor boil surgery.

Philadelphia injury lawyer, Rob Sink, has managed the Law Offices of Robert W. Sink since 1994. He is one of only 500 attorneys nation-wide to have earned a Masters of Trial Advocacy degree. Rob Sink and his firm are committed to securing the best possible outcome for medical malpractice clients.