Whistleblower lawsuits, also known as Qui Tam lawsuits, are brought by citizens on the government’s behalf to help expose fraud against the government. Citizens who successfully bring whistleblower lawsuits may be entitled to a percentage of the government’s recovery, often in the millions of dollars. Bringing a whistleblower lawsuit can be a complicated process.

The lawyers at the Law Offices of Robert W. Sink concentrate on complex litigation, and have worked alongside government agencies in recovering millions of dollars from major corporations. It is critical to file a whistleblower lawsuit as soon as possible, since the government follows a “first-to-file” rule, which means that the first person that brings a successful whistleblower lawsuit is the one who is entitled to the reward.

Examples of whistleblower lawsuits include healthcare fraud involving Medicare and Medicaid (often involving pharmaceutical companies), tax evasion, violations of federal securities laws, and fraud involving military contracts. Whistleblower settlements can often be very substantial. One of the largest whistleblower settlements was against Tenet Healthcare Corp. for $920 million. In such cases, the person(s) who first filed the case often receive between 15% and 30% of the total recovery as a reward. If you have information about a whistleblower lawsuit, contact the attorneys at the Law Offices of Robert W. Sink immediately.